Case Managers

Meet the One Starfish Case Managers

Dorian Manuel

“It’s very important to me that we meet people with compassion and empathy, to listen to their stories in order to learn how we can best serve them. I believe this is where One Starfish shines.”

Dorian Manuel, Case Manager for the Monterey County Safe Parking Program, was born and raised in Salinas. Having grown up in poverty, they believe that access to social services is incredibly important to their community. Since joining One Starfish in 2017, they have worked closely with members of the community who have been living out of their cars to assist them in their journey toward financial independence and permanent housing. “It’s far too common for folks in this predicament to fall through the cracks.”

Buffy Almendares

Buffy Almandares - One Starfish Safe Parking case manager

“Being a part of One Starfish has been tremendously rewarding and has allowed me to connect to individuals with different journeys both ahead and behind them. With the use of trauma informed care and care coordination, I support One Starfish’s dedication to uniquely assisting each Guest on their road to a healthy and content future.”

Buffy Almendares is a Case Manager with a demonstrated history of working in legal services and equitable social advocacy. Her passions include housing as a human right, decriminalizing homelessness and sustainable efforts to find the best outcome for each Guest.